RE: Windows 2000

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From:"Abrahamson, Brian" <babraham@MACNEAL.COM>
To:'Histo Net' <>

It is my understanding that Win 2000 PE (professional edition) which is out
now is based on a 32bit NT code.  It also shares NT's enhanced security file
structure (makes it a little slower actually).  It also has enhanced 3D
video available (something that NT did not).

The next offering from Micro$oft is Win 2000 ME (millennium edition) which
has more 16 bit code (just like Win 98) and will me targeted to the consumer
/ home user / small business.  This product will have some of the
enhancements that PE does but with more DOS compatibility.  Its file
structure is also a bit faster (although less secure). And should be more
stable (hopefully).

Brian Abrahamson
Genesis Lab
Berwyn IL USA

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