RE: Trap stain for Osteoclasts

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From:Hewlett Bryan <HEWLETT@HHSC.CA>, 'Keith Rogers' <>


It depends on the fixative and demineralization used.
Isoform 5 of Acid Phosphatase(TrAP) seems to be more resistant to FFPE than
other Isoforms.
For NBF fixed, +/-  demin. in Formic acid. we find that extending the
incubation in substrate(Barka modification of Burstone Napthol AS-BI method)
from 60 min to overnight, will work well. We also use IHC with the antibody
from Zymed. This works well on NBF +/- demin. and on AZF +/- demin. One can
always resort to IHC using CD68, which demonstrates Osteoclasts beautifully!

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> Subject: 	Trap stain for Osteoclasts
> Does anyone have a reliable alternative to the Trap method that does not 
> involve the use of soft paraffin? is there perhaps an antibody technique?
> Thanks in advance,
> Keith Rogers
> Frederick Cancer Research Inst. 

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