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Mary: The most CRUCIAL thing is that the cores be fixed adequately prior to
any type of decal. We fix 2 hours in B5; then 2 hours in Decal-Stat (a
commercial mix of HCl and EDTA). In an acute-care community hospital
processing about 600 marrows per year, this is working fine for us.

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Subject: Bone Marrow Decalcification

Hello Netters,
I would like to know the protocol for decaling bone marrow core biopsy
specimens.  What type of decalcifying agent used; how long of an exposure to
the reagent; what is the processor protocol.
We are using a week acid solution in the decal phase and are noticing
artifacts like shrunken nuclear material, pigmented material and
streaking/tearing when cutting the block.
Thanks in advance,
Tony Mesa
Histology Supervisor
Pathology Medical Services
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