Processing GI biopsies

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From:"Connolly, Brett" <>

Here's another one of those requests that has been discussed before, but
didn't apply to me at the time.

I soon be doing some IHC staining of human adenomatous polyps and am in need
of a processing schedule from any of you GI experts. The tissue will be
fixed in 10%NBF for 24 hr at 4C, then transferred to 70% ETOH prior to
shipping to my lab. I am assuming, at this point that the tissue will be in
the 3-5mm range. We generally process larger tissue on an overnight
schedule, but I am concerned that these smaller samples will be
overdehydrated, burned, or become brittle on this schedule, hence my

What is the preferred dehydration schedule?
How long in xylene and paraffin?
Vacuum or not?


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