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The literature shows that 70% is a better disinfectant than 100% alcohol. 
People use 100% alcohol to get rid of the water in the cryostat after 

There is plenty of litererature on how best to clean surfaces (benchtops, 
walls, floors, glassware) and how to clean freezers and refrigerators, so 
the methods are there. What is not clear is how that works with a cryostat 
where shavings may sit for awhile (days, weeks?) before being cleaned up. 
How do you best clean a piece of machinery that is exposed to, and often 
caked with, contaminated tissue? How common is it for the cryostat to have 
living pathogenic organisms it it at any given time?

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Subject: Re: using 100% as decontaminant in cryostat
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 19:27:33 -0500 (EST)

It is my understanding that absolute is not a good disenfectant, because a
certain water content kills bacteria, my main concern are and is the viral
contaminents,AFB, HIV, especially with the multi-drug resistant species
cropping up.  Bleach or 10%
sodium hypochlorite is used on work benches in the clinical labs where blood
borne pathogens are concerned, shouldn't we be looking at what they are 
as an adjunct to us? Are we not at the same risk? We may not have to
re-invent the wheel here just look across our halls.                  Dana

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