Ki67 & cd3 antibodies

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From:Nicola Falconer <>
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Dear Ron

there are many clones for Ki67 available, MIB 1 is the one we use, it works
really well after heat mediated antigen retrieval, compulsary for this Ab.

CD3 again many antibodies available, Dako polyclonal is good, in general
polyclonals are better than monos IMO. Works after enzyme digestion but
again is better after heat mediated retrieval.

You may need to try different times heating in different types of equipment,
eg microwave , pressure cooker, microwave pressure cooker.

we and many others use detect both routinely without too many problems (oh
dear that's done it no doubt tomorrows will not work) - but you have to
optomise in your own lab take what others say as suggestions not the only

Good luck

John Auld
Royal Free Hospital

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