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From:Ray F Ortiz <>
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They were some comments posted on the ST5050 immunostainer and I would like
to give my comments on the ST5050.

After looking for an immunostainer, we decided to purchase the Leica.  For
our use, the ability to use our own reagents was most critical in our
purchasing decision.   The unit can reach 40 degrees C if so desired.  The
spray locations for reagent dispensing can be customized.   You can store
many runs and programs as you wish with the aid of a computer.   Another
reason was the cost of the unit, almost half the price of others.

Given the pros and cons of all of them on the market, we chose the ST5050.
We have been happy with our Immunostainer.   I have not noticed variability
on the stains which we performed.


Ray F. Ortiz
Baxter Healthcare

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