Histonet question

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From:"Yandl, Emily" <Emily.Yandl@genzyme.com>
To:"'histonet@pathology.swmed.edu'" <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>

sorry about that, too quick with the send finger

> Hi Linda,
> I'm having a problem and I'm hoping you can help.  Recently, my company
> switched everone's email address over to a different format.  Because of
> that, I resubscribed to the Histonet using my new email address.  The
> problem now is that I am receiving email on both addresses:
> eyandl@genzyme.com  (old)  and   emily.yandl@genzyme.com (new)
Would it be possible for you to manually unsubscribe me from the Histonet
with my old address (eyandl@genzyme.com)?  I talked to our IT department
here and I am not able to manually change my "From" option to the old
address so that I could unsubscribe myself, and they say it's too
complicated for them to do it at the server level.

A co-worker of mine, Jennifer Johnson, is also having the same problem and
she mentioned she also emailed you this morining.

Thanks for your help and please let me know if there are any problems or

Thank you,

Emily Yandl
Pre-Clinical Biology
Genzyme Corp.
PO Box 9322
Framingham, MA  01701
(508)  872-8400 (x23623)

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