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From:"Molinari, Betsy" <>
To:histonet <>

Hi histonetters, 	
 Does anyone here know of the Geskes modification of  Verhoeff and
Masson? It is a protocol we have had before I was in charge of specials
and I have the recipie but no staining indicator information. In other
words I am not sure what stains what! Here it is in a nutshell:
1)mordant in Bouins
2)stain in Verhoeffs hematoxylin
3) stain in Biebrich Scarlet- Acid Fuchsin	
4) rinse in phosphomolybdic-phosphotungstic acid
4)stain in aniline blue
5) dehydrate in 2-propanol thru xylenes

Does this protocol ring a bell to anyone? Maybe there is a different
name for it? I understand the protocol may have come from Baylor
Pathology in Houston. That will be my next stop after this one.Thanks 

Betsy Molinari
Texas Heart Institute

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