Formalin fuming Re: Cryostat decontamination

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The formalin fuming method is easy but it is not at all clear that it will 
kill organisms buried in dried tissue or OCT-type mounting media. It was 
tested only against bacteria in a petri dish and not against viruses.

The method:
Defrost the cryostat. When it is at room temperature put a watch glass of 
concentrated formalin (37 percent formaldehyde in water) at the bottom of 
the cryostat. Leave overnight. The next day clean out the cryostat and wash 
all surfaces with a disinfectant suitable for TB. Allow the cryostat to dry 
before using.

I don't endorse this method because no one has proven in a published study 
that it really works although it very well may work.

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Subject: Cryostat decontamination
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 08:48:25 +0200


I would be very interested in finding out more about the method using
formalin fumes to decontaminate a Cryostat. Perhaps you would like to post
it on the Histonet as I am sure there will be others equally interested.


Mike Kirby
South Africa

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