FWD: mouse organ fixation

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From:"Slap, Steven" <SSlap@ebsciences.com>
To:HistoNet <histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>

Dear HistoNetters,

Cathy Robertson asked about the suitability of using a laboratory microwave
for fixation and processing of mouse brains and spleens.  

She is looking for a benchtop unit which takes up less space than a
conventional processor.  A laboratory microwave will help here, as most of
them have a "footprint" of 24" x 24" or less.

She is also concerned about minimizing her use of solvents.  Histoprocessing
in a laboratory microwave is a three step procedure:  100% ethyl alcohol,
Isopropanol, liquid paraffin.  No graded series of alcohols.  No xylene.

She indicated that she may want to follow up with immunohistochemistry.  The
choice of microwave processing will not affect subsequent

If anyone is interested in any specific laboratory microwave protocols,
please let me know.

Best regards,
Steven E. Slap, Vice-President
Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
The Laboratory Microwave Company 

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