Auto Immuno stainers

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
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I know this has been a topic of discussion on and off however didn't need
the information until now. Would all of you out in histoland including
company reps contact me about what you think is the best automatic immuno
staininer on the market at present at this time and if you would be so kind
as to qualify you answers by answering the following questions about the
product: (please send this information directly to my address so as not to
clog the histonet:, Thanks!!)

1. What is the name and company of the product you are recommending?

2.How many slides will this stainer do on one run?

3. Is the stainer able to run different stains at the same time and if so
how many slides can be run for each stain at the same time?

4. Is the staining that same quality that you get when staining by hand or
close to it?

5. How much trouble do you have with background staining?

6. How many controls do you run with each series when working up a new

7. Have you have to trouble shoot problems with the stainer and if so did
it require company assistance or were you able to resolve it yourself?

8. What was the price for the complete machine and are there any extra
expenses that are ongoing other than the chemicals that are required?

Thanks all for your help. If I could have answers by Tuesday 3-14-00 I sure
would be greatful!

Lynn Gardner

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