Anthracene blue SWR

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Eric C. Kellar at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center notes that

>>The weakly soluble, polycyclic fluorescent, aromatic hydrocarbon - 
Anthracine Blue SWR (C.I. 58605) aka..Alizarin Blue 2RC is far too mutagenic 
to handle in any capacity. There are a wide variety of safer enhancing 
hematoxylins that will demonstrate nuclear detail (Gill's, Harris', Mayer's & 
Ehrlich's). - Place your stock on the back shelf and never open it. Better 
yet, have it removed by a professional.<<

Anthracene blue SWR, C.I. 58605, chemically a hexahydroxyanthraquinone, is 
described as a possible substitute for hematoxylin by R.D. Lillie (Conn's 
Biological Stains 9th ed, Lillie 3rd ed.)

It is structurally related to such commonly used dyes as alizarin (natural 
and synthetic), alizarin red S, and nuclear fast red.

If these are unduly hazardous in our workplace, we're in trouble.

Dick Dapson, you're on the air!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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