slices off coverslips

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Date:Thu, 17 Jun 1999 10:33:00 -0700
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Hello everyone!
We are currently growing 250-micron thick spinal cord slices on subbed, freshly
made rat tail collagen coated, plastic coverslips, in a rollertube apparatus. 
The slices are taken from E12 rat embryos, (date of birth is E0), and are grown
for several days invitro.  Using this paradigm, most of the slices do not stick
well enough to culture for more than a couple of days.  Either endogenous
collagenase is releasing the slices, or the substrate is wrong for this
particular age.  E13 slices will adhere to this substrate for several weeks. 
Does anyone have suggestions that might help solve this problem?
Thank you Lynn Brennan

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