muscle bx

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From:Hedley David Glencross <>
Date:Sat, 26 Jun 1999 09:29:11 +0100

Hi everyone

Interesting discussion re this item (again).

How we used to get over orientation problem was to select the piece
using a stereo microscope, after keeping the muscle stretched, thus
preserving orientation. We also used to cut a section, and stain this
for 30 seconds with haematoxlin alone, and check wet under the staining
microscope. Then we could be sure about the orientation, and be
confident to cut the frozen set. 

The trick with H&E (and Gomoris) is to put unfixed frozen sections
directly into haematoxylin (ours was Harris). This the fixes and stains
the muscle without any noticable artefacts. Much better than any wax


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Hedley David Glencross

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