ihc on bone

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From:"Coskran, Timothy M" <timothy_m_coskran@groton.pfizer.com>
To:"'jim.manavis@imvs.sa.gov.au'" <jim.manavis@imvs.sa.gov.au>
Date:Fri, 18 Jun 1999 08:26:55 -0400
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Biogenex has a product called DeCal antigen retreival solution that is used
for tissues that have been decalcified.  We've used it routinely on knee
joints with good results.  When we were using steam antigen retrieval we
would lose at least 50% of our sections, but we're able to retain all our
sections when using this solution since there is no heat employed for the
retrieval step.  If you take your sections out of the water bath and let the
slides dry upright for an hour or so then transfer your slides to a 60C oven
for an hour followed by leaving the slides on a warming tray overnight, it
should help with keeping your sections flat and adherent to the slide.  Good

Tim Coskran

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