Re: xylenol orange

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From:Mary Stevens <>
Date:Thu, 24 Jun 1999 07:41:51 -0400

Hi Nora,

The doses for XO is 90/mg/kg/day SQ.  XO is not as bright as calcein, if animals are forming bone very slowly you may want to consider injecting for 2 days in a row.  


>>> Nora Fox <nefox@leland.Stanford.EDU> - 6/23/1999 4:09 PM >>>
First, thanks to all who responded to my question on this earlier.

We are interested in using xylenol orange as a fluorochrome label for bone.
Two references give very different doses, specifically, 90 mg/kg & 90
ng/kg.  Has anyone ever used this label?  Does anyone know what the correct
amount is?

Thanks in advance.



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