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From:Mary Stevens <>,,
Date:Thu, 24 Jun 1999 08:07:23 -0400

Peggy wrote:

Personally, I think it would be very hard to do a comparison
of industry/research histology jobs. 
And then who is going to pay for the survey - creating,
getting together a list of all research labs, mailing, 
doing statistics on returns, publishing? What one group
would benefit from laying out all this expense?
The ASCP BOR does this for hospitals and private labs
because ASCP BOR has a lot of members in these areas.
And the jobs are (supposedly) more homogeneous. So
there are enough returns to statistically validate the
survey/study, and enough members in homogenous jobs
to publish the results in one magazine. 
Maybe the histonetters would send to you personally
their wage range along with a brief description of
their job, and you could informally compile the results 
for this group. Would you be interested in this? Or
someone else?

My thoughts:

I may be looking at this differently, but it seems the various comparisons you've described are similar (just different categories) to what is done by the ASCP survey to cover the various departments and certifications of clinical labs.  I agree though, there are alot of categories in VIR, which you covered nicely.

I agree - it would be very time consuming and expensive to run a formal suryey.  Most pharmaceutical companies (and I bet other industries) already do this to be sure their people are paid in accordance with the 'norm' for their industry.  As far as I know, they track salaries in their region for technical level people, and sometimes limit it to their state, as the pool of technical peope typically come from their local area (relatively).  At least that's what we've been told over the years.  Of course, they did not want to share their salary results with employees - except to say salaries are in alignment with other companies of their focus and size.  

There are lots of VIR people as part of the NSH - although we could always use more.  Perhaps a formal survey by NSH could be requested.  

If no one else is interested in performing an informal survey of VIR histonetters, I'd be willing to give it a whirl.  What do others think?  Of course, all responses would be kept confidential.  As s Supervisor, I'm very much aware of the need for sensitivity and confidentiality in all aspects of personnel matters.

Mary Stevens BS, HT (ASCP)
Genetics Institute
Andover, MA wrote:
> Has there been a salary survey done for the industry and/or research area of
> histology? If so, would someone let me know where I can find it.
> Thanks!
> Lori


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