Re: fluorochrome bone labeling

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From:Mary Stevens <>
Date:Thu, 17 Jun 1999 07:55:24 -0400

Hi Nora,

Thanks for the additional information.  For double labelling rabbits, use Calcein (Sigma C-0875) it's a bright label and very easy to see.  The injection dose is 10mg/kg/day SQ, and is made up in saline.  Should be stored at 4C and brought to room temp prior to injection.  

Are you planning on reading the double label widths or just use the label information as qualitative assessments?  If quantitative analysis is the endpoint, you may consider increasing the time between labels - to increase the label width, thus making the analysis easier, and more accurate.  We typically label rabbits 11 days apart, the second label given 2 days before sac.  

Hope this helps.   
Mary Stevens

>>> Nora Fox <nefox@leland.Stanford.EDU> - 6/16/1999 2:14 PM >>>
Dear Mary,

We are looking at samples from a bone harvest chamber in adult male
rabbits.  We are planning to label one week and one day before harvesting
the sample.  Does this help?



>Hi Nora,
>There's alot of literature out there on this subject - for both human and
>animal labelling.  I'll try to answer any specific question you may have,
>but first knowing species, age, endpoint assessments, treatements
>(anabolics vs antiresorptives, etc) would be helpful to get us started.
>>>> Nora Fox <nefox@leland.Stanford.EDU> - 6/15/1999 9:24 PM >>>
>We are looking for suggestions/information on the various compounds
>available for fluorochrome labelling of bone.  Can anyone help?

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