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From:Tim Morken <>
Date:Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:06:11 EDT
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Agrose gel can be used to embed the embryo prior to processing to paraffin 
or plastics (LM or EM).

I have used a 10 percent agar solution.

First fix the specimen in your prefered fixative.

1) Add Agar to hot water (boiling temperature, but do not add while at a 
rolling boil) and mix. You must add it a little at a time to prevent 
2) Let cool until you can touch it without harm but it is still liquid.
3) Pour or drip the agar over the oriented specimen. A mold is not always 
necessary but may be helpful for larger specimens).  I put the cells on 
4) If it is very small add a piece of black paper cut to make a point (Place 
the pointed end next to the specimen so you can find it after embedding).
5) Let the agar cool until it is hard and then trim off any excess but leave 
enough to make the piece large enough to handle easily.
6) Process as usual for your purposes. Agar will simulate tissue in all 

I've noticed that there are some commercial concoctions of this preparation 
but I can't remember which company.

Have fun!

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From: "David John Schmitz" <>
Subject: axolotl
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:04:48 -0400 (EDT)

Hi  everyone,

I am having a few problems with my histology.  I am trying to obtain a stage
series of axolotl embryos and I am having trouble because the have a 
amount of fatty Yolk filled cells.  I have tried using bouinUs fix and 
fix, and smithUs fix seems to work the best on the yolk. But, now I have a
number of embryos that have been fixed in buffered formalin, Can I postfix 
with SmithUs and have I work out OK?  If you have any other ideas of dealing
with the yolk problem, let me know .
I am also having a problem orientating the very early stage embryos and I 
that agarose can be use for this.  Dose anyone know how to use agarose?

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