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I use an Olympus BH-2 with (for prints) Kodak 100 Gold III film.  I do have a
color temperture meter but the camera settings are as follows: Exposure
adjustment 1; Reciprosity set at 1; Voltage at ~8; Blue filter/didinium
filter combo LBD-2N and neutral density filters as needed to maintain the
color temp..

Make sure that you have adjusted the scope for Kohler Illumination.  Have

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> My question is concerning photomicrography;
>     What brand of color 35mm film and ASA (film speed) is best suited for
> photographing H&E sections using an Olympus scope and camera setup?
> I would like to produce prints, not 2x2 projection slides.
> Thank You
> Patrick M. Haley
> Chief Technologist
> HistoTechNologies, inc.
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