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To:Jim Hall <>
Date:Fri, 18 Jun 1999 11:02:04 -0400
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Hi All,

Leishman stain is simply another modification of Romanowsky's  Stain.
Apparently, the visiting scientist likes to look at her results with more
eosinophilic staining.  As Mick pointed out, this could be accomplished by
using a buffer solution of 6.4.  But I've also have had good results with
people using di water (I talk to people throughout the U.S.).

 It's kind of like what ever works for you.  I have found there is no rule
with getting satisfactory results.  This stain is very subjective.  I've
worked with hematology labs that use anywhere from 6.4 to 7.1 buffers for
peripheral blood smears and bone marrow aspirates.

 EM Science has dry Leishman Stain the product number is 252/12 and it's a
25g size.   I believe you can also get the results you are looking for
using Giemsa stain.  For a distributor, please contact me by E-mail or call
800-222-0342, ext 443.  If you could use help call me.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Jim Hall <> on 06/18/99 04:37:46 AM

To:   Katie B <>, Histonet Server
Subject:  Re: Leishmans Stain


Leishman's stain is also available made up ready to use from BDH/Merck.
Tell your Scottish visitor a wee dram can help with the interpretation


At 14:19 17/06/99 -0700, Katie B wrote:
>I have a visiting scientist here (from Scotland?)who is looking at lung
>lavage cytospins from horses.  She wants to do something called a
>Leishmans stain in order to better identify mast cells and basiophils.
>She stains normally with the Leishmans for 2 min then dilutes it with
>di water and stains for 8 min then rinses completely in water.  It's
>not too different from our Diff Quick, but less pink.  This stain is
>what she is acostomed to looking at, but she doesn't have a recipe.
>Anyone out there in Histoland know what this stuff is?
>As always, thanks for all the knowledge out there!
>Catherine "Katie" Bresee Bennett
>Laboratory for Experimental Pathology
>Department of Veterinary Pathology
>Michigan State University
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