Re: Frozen tissue embedding media??

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From:Mequita Praet <>
To:"John C. Dennis" <>
Date:Fri, 18 Jun 1999 18:55:01 -0400
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I believe you can still purchase OCT from Allegaince.  It hasn't been that
long since I ordered some.  You might want to try Cryo-Gel from Intrumedics,
Mequita Praet

John C. Dennis wrote:

> Can anyone give me a source of a good quality OCT-like compound?
> I've used up our stash of Tissue-Tek (Miles) and Miles doesn't make it
> anymore.  I've tried Fisher's but it doesn't freeze evenly (it freezes all
> marbled).
> Thanks all.
> John Carroll Dennis
> Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
> 109 Greene Hall
> Auburn University, AL  36849

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