Re: DAB/Nova Red Film

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From:Bonnie Whitaker <>
To:Jamie Erickson <>,
Date:Thu, 17 Jun 1999 10:55:45 -0500
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I've had the same thing from time to time, but it seems to actually be worse
on the glass than on the tissue, and it seems variable.  I've wondered about
the charge, slide age, how long the tissue has been cut, and any other
variables that would make a difference with the strength of the charge.
Please let all know of any individual replies you might get on this one.
Bonnie Whitaker
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From: Jamie Erickson <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, June 17, 1999 9:42 AM
Subject: DAB/Nova Red Film

>Hi All,
>         I've been using the Nova Red from Vector and have notice a red
film over parts of the slides, I've seen this with DAB as well but would
like to correct this any Ideas? It is a Reddish or Brownish film that sticks
to both slides and tissue.
>Jamie Erickson
>Genetics Institute

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