RE: Tape-Transfer and molecular pathology

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Date:Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:35:03 -0600
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We are going to start doing laser micro dissection methods on frozen
sections of bone, which would require the tape transfer method to get good
sections.  Our concerns are with detaching the dissected cells from the
polymer coated slides after they have been polymerized.  We have done this
with soft tissue frozen sections placed on uncoated slides without the tape
system, but we are wondering if the cells will let go after being so firmly
attached to your coated slides.  Was this addressed at the meeting?  Were
you able to micro dissect the section and detach it from the coated slide?
Patsy Ruegg
Thanks for the info and helping to keep us up to date on this technology.

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		Hi histonetters,
		We had  an opportunity to attend the NIH sponsored Laser
		Microdissection conference last week and from all
indications molecular
		pathology will become  very important in the not-to-distant
future for
		diagnoses and treatment.

		We were invited to demonstrate the CryoJane Tape-Transfer
system, which can
		be very useful for LCM because a flat, thin, intact frozen
section is
		important for the technology.

		If you are interested in the details about LCM,  go to for a
		complete description of the technology. It is fascinating!



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