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Date:Fri, 2 Jul 1999 01:14:39 -0400
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Sounds like a good argument for having an NSH S/C in Puerto Rico.
Patsy Ruegg

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Rico Society for Histotechnology

		Sumiko and Histonetters,
		The meeting in Puerto Rico was a great success!  We had
about 50 attendees to
		the lectures. They were so excited to have us there. They
were eager, attentive,
		and hungry for technical tips and procedures. They did vote
to form a society
		and to ask NSH for constitutent society status.You should
recieve the request
		very soon.  They elected officers and in-stated their
By-Laws.  The Puerto Rico
		Society for Histotechnology's new president is Maria
Guerrero.  My thanks to
		Jerry Santiago from Florida. He was instrumental in this
being accomplished.
		P.S. Maria and her helpers spoiled me.  They took very good
care of me and were
		so very nice.  I am ready to go back.

		ssumida wrote:

		> Mequita,
		> I'm pleased to hear about the meeting.  I hope you are
successful in helping
		> Puerto Rico form a society.  Nothing would please me more
than to consider
		> them for constituent society status at the 1999 S/C.
		> Sumiko
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		> Subject: First Annual Symposium of the Puerto Rico Society
		> Histotechnology
		> >Dear Histonetters,
		> >Thought you might be interested to know, I am going to
San Juan tomorrow
		> >(friday). June 12 is the symposium. The techs in Puerto
Rico requested
		> >assistance in forming a society.  Jerry Santiago and I
have been working
		> >with them. Kathleen Dittrich, Jerry and I will be
presenting lectures.
		> >Jerry has worked very hard, as have many in Puerto Rico.
They are very
		> >excited and we are excited to be a part of this historic
event. Think
		> >good thoughts for us.
		> >Mequita Praet,  NSH Region III Director
		> >
		> >

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