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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Thu, 17 Jun 1999 08:38:06 +1000
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	Dear Joyce,

	"Or what"
	I am out of the hospital system now, but (although why anyone would want
them I don't know) if the implants are clean it seems much more sensible to
release them dry.  
	Nearly all implants are nicely sealed bags containing silicone or saline
or what ever, so there is no point in in letting them go out of the
hospital in solution (what solution would you use?).  Unless of course the
patient has specifically requested the fibrous capsule that may be
surrounding the capsule.  Then I would recommend they get the capsule
tanned - as in what you do to turn skin into leather.  
	A ruptured implant is an entirely different kettle of fish.  It would be
quite resonable to withhold the release of such an item on safety grounds,
unless you went to the trouble of sealing it a container like a museum mount.

	Just my thoughts.



At 07:57 AM 6/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>OK - Is everyone ignoring me or what!!! :>)
>Do you release your breast implants dry or in a solution? Thanks, j

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