PRN Histotechs

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Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:50:13 EDT
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Hi all,

As I have not been able to entice any histotechs to move to Pensacola, 
Florida, our hospital is looking to hire some folks PRN.  Does anyone do this 
and if so, how do you compensate them for not having benefits?  Our practice 
with med techs is that they make the same hourly rate as full and part time 
with no benefits.  I think this is crazy and I need to convince 
administration that we can't get a histotech PRN unless we pay more than the 
full time hourly rate.   I have talked with some temp agencies who want 
upwards of $25/hr plus travel, hotel, car, etc.  Sounds like I should go into 
this business instead of working full time for one place!  Thoughts or ideas? 

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