IRAK antibody, Covance Research Products

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From:"Mark Elliott" <>
Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:10:53 -0700
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A Post-Doctoral Fellow in the lab is trying to find an antibody to IRAK.  The 
reference he has is from Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1997 and in it it 
says that the antibody was prepared by Covance Research Products Inc of 
Denver, PA.  I have checked our copy of Linscott's and the MSRS but can 
find no mention of this company.  Has anyone heard of the company-are 
they still around?  Does anyone else carry the antibody?  Any info you can 
provide would be grealy appreciated.


Mark Elliott, PhD
Research Associate
UBC-Pulmonary Research Lab
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 1Y6
604-631-5351 (FAX)

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