FW: Re[2]: Breast Implants

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From:"Weems, Joyce" <JWEEMS@sjha.org>
To:"'Histonet'" <histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Thu, 17 Jun 1999 07:28:59 -0400
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Many thanks, Dr. Richardson. When I directly to your message - I get a 
returned error message - so sorry everyone - to use the net!

Our fax # 404-851-7831.

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Subject:	Re[2]: Breast Implants

I found the CAP guidelines on prosthetic breast implants.  These 
guidelines are more liberal than the policy at my previous institution 
which was no release whatsover directly to patients.
If you give me some kind of address or fax # we can get this 
information to you.
Margaret Richardson, MD

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