Auto Glass Coverslippers

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From:Patricia Karlisch <PKARLISCH@PSGHS.EDU>
Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:25:28 -0400

   We have a LEICA coverslipper on loan to prepare PAP slides for reading on
the AUTOPAP. We are going to use the Autopap as a primary screener in
Cytology.  The problem is this:   The glass coverslipper is causing  
cornflaking-spotty dry areas;  huge bubbles on drying completely;  oozing of
mounting media if the flow of media is too heavy.  We notice that the slides
start to dry by the time the last half of the rack is ready to be

How can we prevent the slides from drying before coverslipping and how can
we best monitor the flow of mounting media without standing at the machine
constantly??  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Karlisch
Geisinger Med Ctr
Danville, Pa

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