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From:DODI BORSAY <BORSAY.DODI@epamail.epa.gov>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 18:34:32 -0400


If you need some help with recalling the processing of your zebrafish,
please feel free to email me.  Fish, clams, lobsters, crabs, coral, worms-
you name it, if it swims in the waters, we see it here at the EPA lab! 
(Also protocol for fish larvae, juveniles, and micromolluscs.)

IN regards to zebrafish info, you might check out this URL site for the
Zebrafish Server, "The Fish Net".  There are links to everything you
always wanted to know about zebrafish!

Dodi Borsay Horowitz  BS, HT(ASCP)
Research Biologist, Histopathology
Atlantic Ecology Division, EPA
Narragansett, Rhode Island  02882
Email:    borsay.dodi@epamail.epa.gov     

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