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Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 10:09:02 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

To all vendors and histologists:

I haven't posted much to the net lately as I have been busier than usual the last
6 months, my time has been much in demand.   However when I read Cliff's response
I was saddened.   I will be the first to admit that 'I' feel that posting a
blatant advertisement to the Histonet is inappropriate, and I have made comments
in the past (and may in the future) to that effect.
As an aside to Cliff, I can not ever recall that you have ever done so and I have
valued your past input.

I have been on both sides of the fence,  I started out in a hospital lab., went
into industry (AO Reichert and BioRad) and am now doing the academic research
thing.  When I was in industry I gave many workshops and lectures  which were not
product specific and I would like to think that the participants benefited from

I may be wrong (happens all the time), but I feel that the Histonet is here for
the distribution of information and solving of problems pertaining to histology. 
Sometimes these problems can only be solved by vendors that have the products and
the background information to help us solve these problems.   We should also
realize that many of the vendor representatives are histologists or have been
involved with histotechnology and their input to the Net should be welcomed with
opened arms.  I believe that the Histonet has made a great difference to the
Histology Community (THANKS to Herb and Linda!!!).   That community would not be
what it is today without the support and advice of the "vendors".  We are ALL part
of this community, let not the comments of a few individuals deprive the majority
of the knowledge that we come here to acquire.

Finally (before I get off of my soap box), let us remember that on every keyboard
there is a"delete" key.  If your sense of humor or ascetics is offended, use it. 
You'all have a good day and, it'll make e'em wonder what what
yer up to.

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> In a message dated 6/2/99 11:21:15 AM, writes:
> <<Dear Histonetters,
>    Since reading Michelle's reply about Bone IHC, it's obvious that many 
> replies are not going out to the Histonet.  I was wondering why?  I'm not 
> here just to read questions.  I would appreciate it if ya'll would send your 
> answers to everyone.
> Thanks, Sarah>>
> I have now made it a habit to reply privately because I am a vendor. We have 
> been  discouraged, in the past, to reply to the entire community.  Even 
> though we offer products and services that are relevant to the discussion at 
> hand, it has been mis understood as a sales pitch if we offer our products, 
> services, or experiences,  via the histonet.  I feel that is a major flaw in 
> the histonet philosophy.   We are in contact with hundreds of customers each 
> year.  We share information with them.  We hear their needs and concerns.  We 
> develop products to help histologists and Pathologists based on their needs 
> and concerns.  We have been involved in the histology community and have 
> experience in the histology lab dating back to 1954.  We support the 
> histology community at various state and National Symposiums.  We hand gladly 
> hand out untold numbers are freebies.  In spite of all this, we have been 
> made to feel as though we are intruding on the histonet if we reply to the 
> entire community with our expertise.   Until we are made to feel welcome in 
> the discussion at hand,  we will continue to stay in the backround. 
> Cliff Berger
> President
> Decal Chemical Corp
> 1-800-428-5856
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best regards,
Robert Schoonhoven
Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
office 919-966-6343
   Lab 919-966-6140
   Fax 919-966-6123 

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