collagen vs. bone

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From:Mary Vaughan <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 09:24:37 -0500
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Good Morning Histonetters,
        I just got a call about this, and thought I'd throw it on the net
and see what we come up with...
        It seems that this person is dealing with a tumor that has
unmineralized bone in the center. He said that he did a trichrome on it, and
of course the collagen stained as well as the "bone". He wants a stain [or
maybe Ab would be better] that will enable him to differentiate the collagen
from the unmineralized bone. Any suggestions ...??
				Best Regards,
				Mary Vaughan HT(ASCP)
				Roswell Park Cancer Institute
				Pharmacology + Therapeutics
				Elm + Carlton Sts.  CDC-121
				Buffalo, NY 14263

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