cassette labeling

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From:Kathy Oprea <>
Date:Thu, 10 Jun 1999 13:21:42 -0500 (EST)
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We have 2 cassmarks here for labeling cassettes. We think they are 
wonderful. There are other cassette labelers on the market, so shop 
around if you are thinking about purchasing one. The cassmark is the 
one that fit our particular needs.

Weeeeeeee, haven't been on the server for a couple of days due to 
overload in the lab.  I had over 100 messages waiting on me. It 
didn't take reading about 2 messages to realize that the delete key 
was going to be activated to get through some heated topics of 
conversation. The funny thing is that not only was Histonet heated, 
but the other list server I am on for the university of Georgia was 
heated also!!!! Must be in the air? or on the net?  sorry, just 
trying to make someone smile  :-)
take care all!

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