Vendors, I greet you with open arms!

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From:Histo-Scientific Research Laboratory <>
Date:Wed, 02 Jun 1999 22:21:51 -0400
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Dear Cliff and all other vendors,

I believe you are an integral part of the histonet community.  After all,
without your innovative products, we would be behind about 50 years.  I like
to think that most participants on the histonet would agree that your
opinions need to be heard.  It is not only your right to respond to
questions posted on the histonet, but your duty.  Your duty to us
histonetters, and the entire scientific community.  We as histotechs are
interested in knowing the prices of your products, what new products you are
marketing, and most importantly -we love your freebees!  So for all you
vendors out there, please respond to all of us.  Keep us abreast of what is
going on in your arena.  Thanks.

-Tom Galati
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
P.O. Box 30
107 Killmon Road
Basye, VA  22810

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