Stupid Questions

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From:"Bourassa, Patricia" <>
To:"Histonet @Pathology.Swmed.Edu (E-mail)" <>
Date:Wed, 09 Jun 1999 10:59:25 -0400
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> Erwin,
> As I am one very new to the profession, untrained as a histologist (I've
> a masters in Biology and have only been at this histology business for 4
> years or so in a limited capacity!!), I agree with Don that you should not
> put down those of us not as "smart", "intelligent", or "lacking in common
> sense" as you are.  I thought this histonet was supposed to be a knowledge
> sharing forum, no matter how basic that knowledge may be for some of you!
> only started working with paraffin embedded stuff a year or so ago.  And I
> did not know that a pencil was the best thing to mark cassettes with.  Had
> not had a "FRIENDLY" advisor who taught me the "BASIC" tricks of the
> I would have probably been in the same boat as the person who put this
> cassette marking question to the histonet.  
> As Don said, we should not be putting people down for basic questions.
> weren't you in the same boat when you first began your career???   I don't
> think we are all lab managers on this server!  In fact, it seems like
> are more of us "techs" than there are you "managers"...  I get tons of
> messages on topics not at all pertinent to my work, and yet I manage to
> them or delete them without feeling the need to "put someone down" for
> asking a question.  Most of the time, I just move on.  This time I felt
> need to reply.  And unfortunately, people like you will be the ones who
> make me think twice before I ask a question on the histonet rather than
> advice privately.  I have found a lot of answers to "basic" questions here
> --  and have met VERY helpful people!  Too bad one sour "manager" who has
> forgotten where he started had to make me feel "below" the rest of the
> group.  I can do that on my own, thank you very much!  
> I'll be sure to avoid any workshops you give at NSH ... wouldn't want to
> there and ask a stupid, basic question, like "who is the best source for
> Hematoxylin" ...
> -Patti Bourassa
>  Pfizer, Groton   ---  lowly biologist, trying her best at histology

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