Re: undecalcified bone

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From:Jamie Erickson <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 13:00:22 -0400

         I have tried to section mouse femurs without the tape transfer and the morphology is no as good as the tape method. I use D-profile Tungsten carbide bade. Sorry but it's been my experience that it its just not possible.

Jamie Erickson
Genetics Institute
Andover, MA

>>> Alan Bright <> 06/03 12:05 PM >>>
I personally do not see the need for an expensive tape transfer system when
as a lot of you know, that with a durable cryostat fitted with a tungsten
carbide knife,  the tape transfer is unnecessary, I know I am going to get
shot down for this, so can I have some back up please from all of you who
know this is correct.

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From: Gayle Callis <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 04:09
Subject: undecalcified bone

>Even if you put murine bone in polymethylmethacrylate, you will get 25%
>shrinkage, which is comparable to paraffin (have a publication on this,
>a comparison!)  Bone frozen sections are easiest done with an
>Instrumedic Cryojane Tape Transfer system on snap frozen bone and you will
>need a tungsten carbide d profile knife.  Both are expensive, sectioning
>system is approx $7000 and knives from DDK are approx $950, not to mention
>a cryostat.
>However, the results are well worth the investment, and saves a good deal
>of grief.
>Gayle Callis


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