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From:Tim Morken <>
Date:Wed, 02 Jun 1999 12:40:59 -0400 (EDT)
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Try to go with in-wall exhaust vents where possible to save bench space. 
This is suitable for fumes that are not toxic or corrosive, such as a stain 
set-up (it will help even behind a coverslipper or stainer with a charcoal 
filter). Make sure they are real exhaust vents and not just air-returns for 
the air conditioning system!

Remember to add space for computers. This has been the bane of older labs as 
more equipment is aquired which requires a computer to run and the 
ubiquitous LIS terminal and keyboard. Our computers are pushing us off the 
benches! Sometimes you can do without a desk or bench for these. A swing-out 
wall mounted-unit works in some sitations, saving bench space.

In the last lab I was in we had grossing areas built which were fully 
enclosed and accessed by a sliding glass door. That isolated it from the 
rest of the lab and noise was not a problem while dictating.

In the grossing hood department, we have a Shandon gross lab. The best 
feature is that it can be easily adjusted to any height that fits the person 
doing  grossing. It is a real back-saver.

For hand-washing sinks get foot-pedal operated valves. They are luxurious!

For special stains we had an island built which had a sink channel down the 
middle and faucets overhead (four on each side of the island). That made it 
possible for two people to do special stains at one time without bumping 
into each other and have several stains washing at once.

Remember to have a "clean" desk area to do paperwork without worrying about 
contaminating things. Transcriptionists hate to get paperwork with chemical 

Tim Morken, B.A., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)
Infectious Disease Pathology
Centers for Disease Control
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From: "Kolman, Kim" <>
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Subject: remodeling
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 09:18:34 -0500

	Hi fellow netters;

             It's great to have somewhere to go for help and advice; I've
learned alot from you all
             the last few months.

             Now I need some help myself.  Here's my dilemma:  We are in the
process of
             designing a new lab.  Histology/Cytology will be moved to
another floor that will
             be remodeled for us.  I am looking for a way to ventilate as
much equipment and
             processes as possible, without overkill and a lot of expense.  
have a gross station
             that is ventilated and a cytoprep hood, I want to include a 
too.  Are new labs
             venting FS staining and cryostat?  I also need to cover manual
staining set-ups for
             H&E and PAP, microwave, and coverslipping.  Any suggestions for
a sensible and
             economical solution?  That's around 30 feet of bench space.  I
don't want to see
             wall to wall hoods, or have to wear lead-weighted shoes to keep
me from being
             sucked up into an exhaust system!   Any help is appreciated.

             Kim Kolman, HT (ASCP)
             VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System
             Eisenhower VA Medical Center
             Leavenworth, Kansas    66048
             (913) 682-2000 x 2537

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