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From:Jerry Wilson <>
To:"Kolman, Kim" <>
Date:Tue, 01 Jun 1999 23:22:30 +0000
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It sounds like you have the major areas covered.  Have you thought about
installing vents in the walls around the bench work areas (coverslipping,
manual staining, etc?)
We did this during a not so recent renovation and works very well.  No wall to
wall hoods, but the fumes are directed "away" from the worker and everyone is
pleased until someone turns the switch off.  These wall vents are all tied into
a single ventilator (you dictate the size) located on the roof.  Works well for
Good luck,

Kolman, Kim wrote:

>         Hi fellow netters;
>             It's great to have somewhere to go for help and advice; I've
> learned alot from you all
>             the last few months.
>             Now I need some help myself.  Here's my dilemma:  We are in the
> process of
>             designing a new lab.  Histology/Cytology will be moved to
> another floor that will
>             be remodeled for us.  I am looking for a way to ventilate as
> much equipment and
>             processes as possible, without overkill and a lot of expense.  I
> have a gross station
>             that is ventilated and a cytoprep hood, I want to include a sink
> too.  Are new labs
>             venting FS staining and cryostat?  I also need to cover manual
> staining set-ups for
>             H&E and PAP, microwave, and coverslipping.  Any suggestions for
> a sensible and
>             economical solution?  That's around 30 feet of bench space.  I
> don't want to see
>             wall to wall hoods, or have to wear lead-weighted shoes to keep
> me from being
>             sucked up into an exhaust system!   Any help is appreciated.
>             Kim Kolman, HT (ASCP)
>             VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System
>             Eisenhower VA Medical Center
>             Leavenworth, Kansas    66048
>             (913) 682-2000 x 2537

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