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To:David Taylor <DTaylor@KINGMOWER.COM.AU>
Date:Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:42:30 +1000
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Dear David,
just a suspicion, but I suspect they are weakly Acid fast, at least crypto
is. By analogy you might also have some success with either of both Auramine
Rhodamine or Acridine Orange fluorescence. Suggest you use 0.5% Acid alcohol
to give yourself more control  in differentiation.
Regards Mike Rentsch.
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From: David Taylor <DTaylor@KINGMOWER.COM.AU>
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Date: Wednesday, 9 June 1999 3:58
Subject: "Bugs"

>Hi all,
>Does anyone out there know of a stain for formalin fixed paraffin sections
>that will demonstrate Microsporidium?
>>From Curious David.

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