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From:Michelle M Sutorik <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 09:18:53 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Cliff,

I am a research scientist at the Univ. of Michigan, Dept.  of Oral
Pathology/Oncology.  I am well aware of the Histonet policy regarding
vendor advertising and pole assumption to discover the interests of the
histologists.  I however feel differently about such matters, as the
Histonet shoul be a resource for us as histologists to learn as much as
possible from our peirs and the companies that provide us with
the necessary resources to do the work we do.  Please let me
extend a welcome to you personally to add my address to your
automatic list of recipients for any helpful information you may

On that note, I am currently working with some bone
immunohistochemistry and would like to talk with you concerning
decalicification techniques and its affect on antigen retrieval.  
Thank you.  I will call this afternoon.  

Kind Regards,

Michelle M. Sutorik
Univ. of MIchigan
Dept. of Oral Pathology/Oncology
1011 N. Univ. Ave.
School of Dentistry, Rm 5216
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1078

represent a great deal of what 

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999 wrote:

> In a message dated 6/2/99 11:21:15 AM, writes:
> <<Dear Histonetters,
>    Since reading Michelle's reply about Bone IHC, it's obvious that many 
> replies are not going out to the Histonet.  I was wondering why?  I'm not 
> here just to read questions.  I would appreciate it if ya'll would send your 
> answers to everyone.
> Thanks, Sarah>>
> I have now made it a habit to reply privately because I am a vendor. We have 
> been  discouraged, in the past, to reply to the entire community.  Even 
> though we offer products and services that are relevant to the discussion at 
> hand, it has been mis understood as a sales pitch if we offer our products, 
> services, or experiences,  via the histonet.  I feel that is a major flaw in 
> the histonet philosophy.   We are in contact with hundreds of customers each 
> year.  We share information with them.  We hear their needs and concerns.  We 
> develop products to help histologists and Pathologists based on their needs 
> and concerns.  We have been involved in the histology community and have 
> experience in the histology lab dating back to 1954.  We support the 
> histology community at various state and National Symposiums.  We hand gladly 
> hand out untold numbers are freebies.  In spite of all this, we have been 
> made to feel as though we are intruding on the histonet if we reply to the 
> entire community with our expertise.   Until we are made to feel welcome in 
> the discussion at hand,  we will continue to stay in the backround. 
> Cliff Berger
> President
> Decal Chemical Corp
> 1-800-428-5856

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