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In the past I have used the Bright automated cryostat in both research and
clinical applications (I have also used other manufacturers models and have been
happy with their units also) and it is a great unit.   I speak now to your
point.  Yes I have cut whole calcified rat femur without the "tape" methode and,
yes I did get great sections, it was also a difficult process that was time
consuming to teach.  At that time (as now) most of the researchers only used
cryotomy as a portion of their projects and did not want to spend the time to
learn the technique (NOT that I agree with that).  In those cases it is simpeler
to use the tape method (but not cheaper!) if the funds are there.  As with so
much in histology today it is easier to buy premade reagents and use automation
but one just doesn't learn much doing it the "old fashoned way" sigh......   I
must admit that I'm guilty of that also;-)
Oh well, that thread has already been beaten to death.

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> Dear Patsy,
> Well all I can add to my last posting is that we have manufacturing &
> supplying cryostats that section whole  calcified rat femur  successfully
> for over 40 years, this work started for us at The Kennedy Inst. London by
> Chayen & Bitensky, I am sure Dr. Dodd's has a workshop for his methods so
> there would be no need for me to do one, as if this method is followed with
> the correct equipment, successful bone sectioning will be the outcome with
> less expense.
> Alan Bright
> Bright Instument Co. Ltd.
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