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From:Kathy Oprea <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 11:32:09 -0500 (EST)
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I too, would like an answer to this question. Our lab copy 
dissapeared about a year ago. When I tried to order a replacement 
copy, I was told that it was no longer in print! What's up with that?

Also, I would like to admit to hitting the delete key a bit fast. I 
missed a message somewhere concerning vendors. I very much appreciate 
vendor input on products/procedures in question. I don't know what we 
would do without you!!!
Thank you,

Date:          Wed, 02 Jun 1999 10:26:39 -0600
From:          Gayle Callis <>
Subject:       immunohistochemistry book

Help!  Just learned that Jules Elias book,  Immunohistopathology A practical
approach fo diagnosis is out of print?  Hope this is a rumor rather than fact! 
Is there any really outstanding substitute for this book?  

Gayle Callis

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