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From:"John C. Dennis" <>
To:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 13:32:28 -0500 (CDT)
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Here's my first stupid question of the week:  where do I get these nifty
sounding "disposable molds"?  Are they made in especial for frozen

I'd look in the Fisher catalogue, but that catalogue scares hell out of


John Carroll Dennis
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
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On Sun, 13 Jun 1999, Gayle Callis wrote:

> We embed a mouse brain (unfixed) in OCT, inside a Tissue tek disposable mold
> and snap freeze it with a dry ice/isopentane slurry, and section at  -16C.
> When you add isopentane to dry ice, it bubbles violently, when that stops
> the correct temp has been reached for snap freezing of tissue.
> You can also cool hexane with dry ice (put hexane in beaker, surround beaker
> with  dry ice until hexane is cold (give it some time) and freeze with that,
> a bit slower, but some prefer a tidge slower for brain, with excellent results
> or try the dry ice slurry with hexane instead of isopentane.
> Good luck
> Gayle Callis

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