Re: decrease in iron in BM bx?

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Date:Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:46:10 -0400 (EDT)
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<<bone marrow biopsies fixed in 10% NBF, decalcified in 5% formic acid
for 4-8hrs then (routine) processed in paraffin
     there is a marked decrease in iron in these BM bx specimens compared
to that of the associated clots and aspirates>>

Yes there will be a decrease in iron as compared with non decalcified clots 
and aspirates.  However, you should still be able to demonstrate iron in 
decalcified aspirates without any problem.  Since the  Hemosiderin /  Iron 
stain is acid based (1% HCL or less ) we always recommend rinsing specimens 
for at least 10 minutes in running water (preferably DI water ) after 
decalcification.  If not, you risk carrying  the decalcification acid through 
the processor and skew the resulting stain.   

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp
Decal - The First Name in Decalcification

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