Re: decrease in iron in BM bx?

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Not supprising as most "decalcification" methods are actually
"demineralization" techniques and iron is a mineral.  Suggest that you use a
chealating method using EDTA.

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> A question was posed to me this morning for the HistoNet folks.
> History:
>      bone marrow biopsies fixed in 10% NBF, decalcified in 5% formic acid
> for 4-8hrs then (routine) processed in paraffin
> Observation:
>      there is a marked decrease in iron in these BM bx specimens compared
> to that of the associated clots and aspirates (prepared as above except for
> the decal)
> Questions:
>      1)  has anyone else experienced this (or similar) observation?
>      2)  ideas for remedying this issue?
> Thanks in advance!
> ~Francie~
> Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY
> Histology Department, Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office, Hauppauge,
> NY
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