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From:"Karen D. Larison" <>
Date:Mon, 07 Jun 1999 13:21:09 -0800

Hello all,

I would like to continue Chris's discussion.  I am in the process of switching 
from hand-processing to automatic tissue processing of adult zebrafish.  The 
processing schedule I have for hand-processing is very similar to Chris's except 
the paraffin used is Paraplast Plus, and not Paraplast X-tra.  I have been told 
that it is unwise to use Paraplast Plus in the tissue processor because it will 
ruin the solinoids.  So I haven't, but I'm frustrated because I'm not getting 
particularly good infiltration with the paraffins that I have tried.  It sounds 
like maybe from the description in the Fisher catalog that Paraplast X-tra might 
fill the bill as a substitute for the Paraplast Plus.  Is this true, and is there 
any reason not to use it in the automatic processor?

Thank you for all your good and kind advice.

Karen Larison -- University of Oregon

Date:          Mon, 07 Jun 1999 14:47:11 -0300
From:          "Hendry, Chris I" <>
Subject:       curiosities
To:            'HistoNet Discussion Group' <>

Hi all,

I've been processing marine fish larvae/juvenile tissue for over a year now,
and I've had success with my schedule so far.  However, while I was tweaking
this schedule and whatnot, other schedules that were suggested to me
included a vacuum during paraffin infiltration, and others suggested a
wax/clearing agent mixture before infiltration.  Could anyone let me in on
the importance of these modifications?  I use some of these suggestions, but
I am simply curious about they're operation on tissue.  As well, how much
damage would this do to my smallest, and untried, larval samples (i.e., less
than 15 mm long, 2-3 mm thick)?

Here's what I am using, FYI:

70% EtOH (indef.)
95% EtOH 2x1 hr
100% EtOH 2x1 hr
Toluene 2x1 hr
50:50 Toluene:Paraffin 1 hr
Paraplast X-tra 2 x 45 min.
Paraplast X-tra 30 min (vacuum)

Thanks for your time.

> Chris Hendry
> Graduate Student
> University of New Brunswick/
> Department of Fisheries and Oceans
> Biological Station
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