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Date:Wed, 09 Jun 1999 09:03:08 +1000
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Dear Tom,
For over twenty years I've used a black lead pencil, originally one called a
"Back Magic" pencil, and when that became unavailable I started using either
a 1or2B lead pencil. I have in the interim used pens such as Securline etc.
but found the major hassle was other people at cut-up, even my self at times
leaving the cap off and draastically shortening the life of the pen, or
having it die in the middle of cut-up.
Pencil is pretty hard to beat both for performance or cost!
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Wednesday, 9 June 1999 5:46
Subject: Re: cassettes

>Please listen when I tell you that a #2 lead pencil works best for
>processing cassettes!  I know it goes against everything you have learned
>over the years, you know how in the medical field you have to buy the
>highest priced items.  In this case, it is not true.  I wouldn't spend 50
>cents on a marking pen for cassettes.  A #2 lead pencil is the way to go.
>Can anyone back me up on this?  Give the pencil a try-you'll be happy you
>Tom Galati
>Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
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>Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 11:06 PM
>Subject: cassettes
>>i have been hearing about cassette numbers washing off lately.  anyone
>>having this problem?  what pen is being used by the majority of histonet
>>users? it seems that the cassettes from sakura are smoother than usual,
>>response ? looking into marking systems. any suggestions?  are any of you
>>histonetters having this problem and what do you attribute to it ?

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