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Date:Thu, 10 Jun 1999 00:20:48 +0200
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Jennifer wrote:
 Good Morning Histonetters!  Does anyone have experience with storage of
sectioned frozen tissue???  In the past I have only sectioned tissue that I
would immunostain immediately.  Currently my boss is concerned with losing
tissue each time that I would re-trim a block; thus he prefers that I section
approximately 20 slides at a time per block and store the slides for subsequent
immunohistochemical staining (to be performed ASAP).  I consulted one book which
suggested that fixed slides could be stored at -70 C if dessicated!  Any
opinions or experience in this matter???  Thank you very much in advance!
Dear Jennifer,
The following is not my answer, but a previous answer of one of the fellow
histonetters to a similar question.

We have the best luck with the black plastic boxes (25 slide capacity)
with a small nylon process bag or lens paper containing silica gel to absorb
moisture when you bring sections back to room temperature.  We also
wrap tape around outside to seal box, this may be overkill, but it
provides label.  Avoid calcium chloride, anhydrous as a substitute
for silica gel, Drierite (sp?) is also a problem since these exfoliate fine
particles that float around, could deposit on sections. silica gel stays intact
and is reused for a long time.
Store sections fixed, air dried, in -80C freezer, then bring them
to room temperature BEFORE opening the lid, 20 - 30 minutes.
also stored slides in plastic slide mailers with snap lids, wrapped
in foil, either in a plastic zip lock, or two mailers per black slide
box with silica gel, you can remove one box and keep other for another
These are frozen sections, have stored unfixed frozens in slide mailers with
success, but only for a few weeks.  Fixed sections store for longer times

Regards, Peter

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